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Den Publishing Company

It's Amazing What You Can Accomplish In A Den!

Reading Program: This program also found Nicholas, via his Kindergarten-aged daughter. 

Our reading program is designed to walk non-readers to readers, via a systematic phonics-based program, that includes the alphabet, pre-phonics (aka: phonemic or sound awareness), and actual phonics lessons.  The phonics lessons are divided into two parts: (1) short-vowel skills, that include all of the consonants, except /q/; and (2) long-vowels, blends and segmenting of big words.

Christmas Time Surprises: a children's story based on a true event, illustrating the spirit of giving.


Welcome to Den Publishing Company. Den was founded by Nicholas John DeCandia, a nationally published author and Certified Public Accountant.  These publishing projects found him.

Bookkeeping Program: career-wise, Nicholas worked his way up the corporate side of bookkeeping / accounting. Back in the late 90's, he held a Full-Charge Bookkeeping* position, and wanted to put that book on his shelf, but it wasn't out there. He had seen that position advertised in both Orlando, FL and Albuquerque, NM. 

     At any rate, our bookkeeping program is designed to train high school graduates in everything they need to know, not just all of the tasks, some of which are mentioned above, but also all of the topics involved as well. 

*Full-charge bookkeeping means you are in charge of every aspect of the bookkeeping, including payroll, payroll taxes, financial statements. About the only thing you'll outsource is the corporate taxes (typically to a CPA).


We're here to help your child learn to read, or help you start a bookkeeping career!

Den Publishing Company
"It's Amazing What You Can Accomplish In A Den!"
Teach Someone To Read   |  Start A Bookkeeping Career